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This edition: Racial Inequality Without Racism

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Original tape date: May 13, 2013.

First aired: May 15, 2013.

First up: Think the world is running out of oil and scarcity will force us into using clean, renewable energy? Dream on. Beneath the sea there’s a substance called ‘methane hydrate’ which, by some estimates, is twice as abundant as all other fossil fuels combined. Not only would this crystalline natural gas multiply global warming, it would alter the world economy profoundly. Next, in our “public intellectual” segment, Brian hears how racial inequality persists even when there is no racism. Then, Brian questions the need for more STEM guest-worker visas. Some argue that plenty of Americans are available for work in science & engineering, and companies just want cheap foreign labor. Finally, we find out which online company protects us best from the long arm of the law: Facebook, Google, Apple, or Twitter?

Guest List

Nancy DiTomaso Author, The American Non-Dilemma: Racial Inequality without Racism

Erik Grimmelmann Executive Director and Vice Chairman, New York Technology Council

Marcia Hofmann Sr. Staff Attny, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Charles C. Mann Contributing Editor, The Atlantic

Hal Salzman Professor of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers University

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