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This edition: Better Know a GOP Mayoral Candidate

Episode Details

Original tape date: May 29, 2013.

First aired: June 5, 2013.

Registered New York Democrats outnumber Republicans five-to-one in New York City, but for 20 years, Gracie Mansion has belonged to the GOP. So, have you gotten to know the Republican candidates this time around? We ask the sponsors of various GOP candidate forums if their events have been effective showcases. Then, Yahoo! buys Tumblr! How does the NYC tech community feel about that? Next, the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway - five miles are ready for riding. How’d they pull it off? And what about the next nine miles? And, finally, in our weekly “Public Intellectual” segment, we hear about some new research helping to explain why segregation in housing is so persistent.

Guest List

Marcus Britton Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin

Marcia Bystryn Executive Director, New York League of Conservation Voters

Greg David Columnist, Crain’s New York Business

Nicole Gelinas Searle Freedom Trust Fellow, The Manhattan Institute

Brian Morgenstern President, New York Young Republican Club

Milton Puryear Co-founder, Brooklyn Greenway Initiative

Andrew Rasiej Entrepreneur/Technology Strategist, Founder of Personal Democracy Media