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This edition: The Obamacare Rollout: Still Affordable?

Episode Details

Original tape date: September 16, 2013.

First aired: September 18, 2013.

In less than two weeks, millions of Americans without healthcare coverage will start signing up for Obamacare. It’s been called "the affordable health care act,” but how affordable will the premiums actually be? The numbers are all over the map. Literally. As part of our ongoing Public Intellectual series, we discuss healthcare with a leading Obamacare critic, and a veteran healthcare journalist.

Later, are we taking the NSA’s mass surveillance programs too much in stride? Are the White House and the courts really reigning them in. Joining us via Skype, the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research at Indiana University, and the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

Then, Brian is joined by Pro-Publica, which has been leading an investigation into New York’s system of housing and rehab for indigent addicts. It alleges shoddy care and kickbacks.

And, finally, a city-wide, internet-wide, art competition that calls for a vision of the big apple in the year 2038. CurateNYC hopes to boost the careers of artists and to revive the Big Apple’s fading reputation as a place where artists can live and work. Behind the effort and joining us in our studio are Danny Simmons and Brian Tate from Full Spectrum Experience.

Guest List

Jake Bernstein Reporter, ProPublica

Fred H. Cate Dist. Professor, Indiaina University School of Law

Trudy Lieberman Contributor, Columbia Journalism Review

Avik Roy Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

Danny Simmons Executive Producer, Curate NYC

Brian Tate Executive Producer, Curate NYC

Trevor Timm Activist, Electronic Freedom Foundation