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This edition: NYC Mayoral Election Coverage w/Cand. Jack Hidary

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Original tape date: September 23, 2013.

First aired: September 25, 2013.

A few minor party candidates are vying for next mayor, including the multilingual Brooklyn-born tech millionaire, Jack Hidary. He’s running on the self-created Jobs and Education Party ticket with political heavyweights behind him, including Howard Dean’s former presidential campaign manager, Joe Trippi. Brian finds out Hidary’s plans for mayor.

Face recognition is a particularly invasive technology that is projected to go from a $2 billion industry to three times that in 2018. Business technology professor Brian Mennecke joins Brian via Skype from Iowa State University to discuss where face recognition is today and where it’s going.

From face recognition to reproducing human faces from the traces we leave behind (e.g. a strand of hair, a cigarette butt). Information artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg collects this discarded DNA and what s
he does with it is the topic of her conversation with Brian.

“Public Intellectual,” an ongoing series where Brian looks closely at the data underpinning new research that has the potential to change minds and policy, features a ground-breaking upward-mobility study. Where parents live could be the strongest predictor of what their children will earn. Harvard economist and study co-author Nathaniel Hendren joins Brian via Skype from Cambridge to explain.

Finally, the annual Village Halloween Parade may not happen this year. Joining Brian are parade organizers Peter Criswell and international puppeteer Basil Twist. They're banking on a Kickstarter campaign to help keep this 40-year New York City institution alive.

Guest List

Peter Criswell Organizer, Village Halloween Parade

Heather Dewey-Hagborg Information Artist, Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Jeanne Fleming Artistic/Producing Director, New York’s Village Halloween Parade

Nathaniel Hendren Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Jack Hidary NYC Mayoral Candidate, Jobs and Education Party

Brian E. Mennecke Professor, Management Information Systems, Iowa State University College of Business

Basil Twist Organizer and International Puppeteer, Village Halloween Parade

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