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This edition: Big Data's Influence on Hiring Decisions

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Original tape date: January 27, 2014.

First aired: January 29, 2014.

First up, “Big Data” and hiring. With so many Americans looking for work, companies are relying on search algorithms to sift through job candidates, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of how data is beginning to define who gets hired. Joining us to discuss, are “Ask the Headhunter” host, Nick Corcodilos. Nick is also the author of "Fearless Job Hunting." And via Skype from Washington, DC, Don Peck, who has researched the role of people analytics in the workplace for The Atlantic magazine. Don is also the author of “Pinched: How the Great Recession Has Narrowed Our Futures and What We Can Do About It.”

Next, it's Public Intellectual, where we examine new research with the power to change minds and public policy, Brian takes a look at a study that shows more traces of blood pressure & painkiller meds in our water supply than previously expected. The study of 50 large wastewater treatment plants is published in the journal “Environment Pollution,” authored by research biologist, Mitchell Kostich, who joins us via Adobe Connect from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Then, Brian hears from a hi-tech start-up tackling literacy with a new and cool tool for teachers. Despite a 99% literacy rate in the US, only a quarter of high school grads have the range of reading skills needed to succeed in today’s information economy. Internet app Qlovi was built by a group of young minority grads from the University of Michigan with the help of top literacy experts. Harlyn Pacheco, co-founder of Qlovi joins us in the studio. And via Skype from Washington, Andres Hernandez, program director for the Division of Research on Learning at the National Science Foundation.

And finally, Brian’s brother, writer/designer Warren Lehrer, drops by to tell us about the "rise and fall" of the fictional, but prolific, novelist Bleu Mobley. Some of you may know Warren’s last work, the acclaimed “Crossing the Boulevard,” which was about immigrants to Queens from all over the world. Now his tenth book, and first novel. Warren also teaches at SUNY Purchase and is a founding faculty member of the “Designer as Author” program at the School of Visual Arts.

Guest List

Nick Corcodilos Host, Ask The Headhunter

Andres Henriquez Program Director, National Science Foundation

Mitchell Kostich Research Biologist, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Warren Lehrer Author, "A Life In Books: The Rise and Fall of Bleu Mobley"

Harlyn Pacheco CEO and Co-Founder, Qlovi

Don Peck Deputy Editor, The Atlantic

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