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This edition: This land is your land, under an oligarchy

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Original tape date: April 21, 2014.

First aired: April 23, 2014.

First, big data is big these days - but is it worth it? Target and Michaels getting hacked, Nordstrom mining customers' smart phones. Maybe this revolution needs to be thought through more. To discuss, Jake Kouns, chief information officer at Risk Based Security and then Gerald Ferguson, a partner at BakerHostetler, LLP.

Then, how a Brooklyn-based group is using newly released city data and mapping to organize a new chapter in New York's community garden history and encouraging use of vacant public spaces. With us in the studio, attorney and activist Paula Segal, founder of 596 Acres.

Next, the "O" word. New research from Princeton and Northwestern universities finds that political influence in America is concentrated to the wealthy and large corps. We examine the "oligarchy" question with Martin I. Gilens, author of Affluence & Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America.

Finally, in our Public Intellectual segment where we look at new research with the power to change minds and public policy, questioning the stats on rape crime reports. A new paper entitled "How to Lie with Rape Statistics: America's Hidden Rape Crisis," published in the Iowa Law Review calls the great decline into question. The author, Corey Rayburn Yung, professor of law at the University of Kansas joins us via Skype.

Guest List

Gerald Ferguson Partner, BakerHostetler, LLP

Martin I. Gilens Author, “Affluence & Influence: Economic Inequality and Political Power in America”

Jake Kouns Chief Information Security Officer, Risk Based Security

Paula Segal Founder, Executive Director, Legal Director, 596 Acres

Corey Rayburn Yung Professor of Law, University of Kansas School of Law