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This edition: Winds of Change

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Original tape date: May 5, 2014.

First aired: May 7, 2014.

First, the winds of the supreme court blew in favor of the environmental protection agency last week. We check out the national and local forecast on that with John Walke, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council's Clean Air Program and Frederica Perera, director of the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health.

Then, why do protests so often fail? We take a 2014 look at popular uprisings with Moisés Naím, author of "The End of Power," Occupy activist and CUNY professor, Rachel Jane Liebert, and Stanley Aronowitz, author of "Left Turn: Forging a New Political Future."

Next, high school graduation rates are going up but graduates aren't college prepared. To discuss, Adriana Villavicencio, research associate at the New York University Steinhardt Research Alliance for New York City Schools.

Finally, the New York Public Library digitizes thousands of maps allowing users to explore the history of the city. But crowd-sourcing help is needed. To discuss, Ben Vershbow, manager of NYPL Labs.

Guest List

Stanley Aronowitz Author, "Left Turn: Forging a New Political Future"

Frederica Ferera Director, Columbia Center for Children's Enviro. Health

Rachel Jane Liebert Professor, Sociology & Interdisciplinary Studies, John Jay College

Moisés Naím Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for Int'l. Peace

Ben Vershbow Manager, New York Public Library Labs

Adriana Villavicencio Research Associate, Research Alliance for NYC Schools, NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Edu. & Human Development

John Walke Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council

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