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This edition: Bike Neutrality

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Original tape date: May 19, 2014.

First aired: May 21, 2014.

First, net neutrality. The Federal Communications Commission opened a debate on a new set of proposed rules governing net neutrality. Will a fast lane exclusive to paying websites tilt the source of information consumption to the big players? To discuss, Justin Fox, NY executive director of the Harvard Business Review, Tim Karr, senior director of strategy at "Free Press" and Berin Szoka, tech lawyer and president of TechFreedom.

Then, how radioactive is NYC? While a site on the Ridgewood/Bushwick border was labeled a superfund site last week, a hearing was held over a new radon bill. The bill would mandate that gas coming from new sources into the city be monitored in case of radon risk. To discuss, Andrew Karam, a radiation safety expert who's consulted for the city, and Elizabeth Glass Geltman, program director of environmental & occupational health science at the CUNY School of Public Health.

Next, Citi Bike is about to hit its one year mile. Fortunately, the system gives us data to analyze who's been using it (and where) and how it can be improved. Plus, similar systems in other cities help too. To discuss, Citi Bike expert Sarah Kaufman, researcher at the Rudin Center, and international transportation policy expert Aimee Gauthier, chief of programs at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy.

Last, in our public intellectual segment, a new study finds that transient homeless youth – criss crossing the country – are likely to be white with a high school diploma but with a host of problems. Kristin Ferguson-Colvin, professor at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College says these travelers have strengths that could set them on a stable path.

Guest List

Kristin M. Ferguson-Colvin, Ph.D. Professor, Silberman School of Social Work, Hunter College

Justin Fox Executive Editor, Harvard Business Review

Aimee Gauthier Chief of Programs, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

Elizabeth Glass Geltman Professor, CUNY School of Public Health, Hunter College/CUNY

Andy Karam Radiation safety expert, consultant

Timothy Karr Senior Director of Strategy, FreePress

Sarah M. Kaufman Research Associate, Rudin Center, NYU

Berin Szoka President, TechFreedom

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