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This edition: The Importance of Libraries

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Original tape date: June 2, 2014.

First aired: June 11, 2014.

First, recent data says rape in prison is increasing. There is a law against it but seven governors won't implement it. To discuss, Cynthia Soohoo, director of the International Women's Human Rights Clinic, Chris Daley, executive director of Just Detention International and Alex Friedman, managing editor of Prison Legal News.

Then, the military is tasked at allowing women to serve in front line ground combat by 2016. But the Marines is challenged in creating physicality standards for both genders. With us to give some insight from her own experience and from an academic study, Connie Brownson, a PhD candidate at Texas State University.

Next, a new video making rounds on the net shows that more people have been using libraries as hours and staffing have reduced. The film, "Libraries Now - A Day in the Life - argues that libraries are more than just taking out books.

Last, there is a side of Ellis Island - the immigrant port of past - that most people don't see on trips to the museum there. The buildings are being restored but photographer Paul Margolis takes us on a tour of the unrestored "Hidden Ellis Island."

Guest List

Connie Brownson Former U.S. Marine/Author, “Lady Leathernecks”

Chris Daley Deputy Executive Director, Just Detention International

Julie Dressner Filmmaker, Libraries Now - A Day in the Life

Alex Friedman Managing Editor, Prison Legal News

Paul Margolis Photographer, “Hidden Ellis Island”

Cynthia SooHoo Director, Intl. Women's Human Rights Clinic, CUNY Law

Christian Zabriskie Executive Director, Urban Libraries Unite

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