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This edition: Dysfunction Deconstructed: NY Criminal Justice

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Original tape date: October 6, 2014.

First aired: October 8, 2014.

First, 16 year old Kalief Browder spent 33 months in jail on Rikers Island - including 800 days in solitary confinement - without trial, for allegedly stealing a backpack. Jennifer Gonnerman, who told Kalief's story in the New Yorker, discusses how this is possible in the criminal justice system.

Then, a few city council members are pushing for a government run petition website, "PetitioNYC", to offer another way to engage citizens on city issues. But the de Blasio administration has already voiced its opposition to the idea. Gotham Gazette reporter Kristen Meriwether discusses the pros, cons and questions of such a potential tool.

Next, in our public intellectual segment, a new report shows that though women take up a greater share of American entrepreneurship than years ago, venture capital disproportionately goes towards men. With us via Skype, the reports lead author Candida Brush, division chair of entrepreneurship at Babson College in Massachusetts.

And finally, murals on the sides of buildings can be highly representative of the neighborhoods the adorn. That's why Marina Ortiz, founder of East Harlem Preservation, has documented that neighborhood's murals from the political, to the inspirational, to the pure art in the face of growing gentrification. Her collection, titled Lost and Found Murals of East Harlem is on exhibit at East Harlem Cafe at 1651 Lexington Ave (104th Street) with a closing event on Friday, October 17th at 6pm.

Guest List

Candida Brush Chair, Entrepreneurship Division, Babson College

Jennifer Gonnerman Contributing Editor, New York Magazine; Contributer, The New Yorker

Kristen Meriwether Reporter, Gotham Gazette

Marina Ortiz Founder, East Harlem Preservation

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