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This edition: Pan Arab Tech Renaissance; Net Neutrality

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Original tape date: November 17, 2014.

First aired: November 19, 2014.

First, despite the political strife so known to North Africa and the Middle East, there's a tech start-up movement happening there, some call a renaissance. For this, we go to Joelle Yazbeck, program manager of MIT's Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Region, on Skype from Beirut, Lebanon.

Then, President Obama has come out in support of net neutrality rules. Critics argue that the Internet should not however, be treated as a utility like electricity. With us to dissect both sides, Timothy Karr, senior director of strategy at Free Press, and on Skype from D.C., Geoffrey Manne, founder of the International Center for Law and Economics.

Next, in our public intellectual segment, it's been 20 years since the genetically modified "flavor savor tomato" hit shelves. Today roughly 90 percent of the corn and soybeans produced in the U.S. are genetically modified. No disasters yet but out guest says GMOs aren't necessarily safe for the ecosystem and global health. This guest is physicist and systems scientist Yaneer Bar-Yam.

Lastly, Hedy Pagremanski has been painting New York City settings and passerby for decades capturing broad landscapes full of portraits that all have a story. She shares some of these remarkable time capsule works of art with us and the stories that go with them.

Guest List

Yaneer Bar-Yam Founding President, New England Complex Systems Institute

Timothy Karr Senior Director of Strategy, Free Press

Geoffrey A. Manne Executive Director, International Center for Law & Economics

Hedy Pagremanski Artist

Joelle Yazbeck Program Manager, MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Region

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