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This edition: Vulnerable Children Worldwide

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Original tape date: November 24, 2014.

First aired: November 26, 2014.

First, as the holiday season approaches, we check up on children in distressed parts of the world. In Western Africa at least 3,700 children have been orphaned by Ebola. In the Mid-East, more than 1.5 million kids are living as refugees from the Syrian civil war. The United Nations Children Fund plays a central role. To discuss, Afshan Khan, director of UNICEF office of emergency programs; on Skype from Beirut, Luciano Calestini, UNICEF deputy representative in Lebanon; and Sheldon Yett, UNICEF representative for Liberia.

Then, actors reenact their real gentrification-related situations and invite a Washington Heights audience onto the stage. Some footage from "Pardon Our Appearance" and a discussion with People's Theatre Project co-executive and director Mino Lora and show facilitator, Esdras Santana.

Next, Latinos are a third of New York City’s population but make up 12 percent of the government heads appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio. There are also no city agencies with a prominently Latino staff. The mayor has recently taken some action. Here to discuss, Ramon Jimenez, attorney and former attorney general candidate, and Lucky Rivera, founder of Boricuas for a Positive Image.

And then, the 2015 New York City Youth Poet Laureate, Crystal Valentine. Winner of an October 30th competition organized by Urban Word NYC and the New York City Campaign Finance Board, the youth poet laureate is tasked with engaging the city's young people in civic life. Valentine discusses and shares two poems: "A Voter's Armageddon" and "Evaluating Black Privilege".

Guest List

Luciano Calestini Deputy Representative in Lebanon, UNICEF

Ramon Jiminez Attorney

Afshan Khan Director of Emergency Programs, UNICEF

Mino Lora Co-Executive & Director, People's Theatre Project

Lucky Rivera Co-Founder, Boricuas for a Positive Image

Esdras Santana Facilitator, People's Theatre Project

Crystal Valentine 2015 NYC Youth Poet Laureate

Sheldon Yett Representative to Liberia, UNICEF

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