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This edition: Modern Mobility & Cuba

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Original tape date: February 9, 2015.

First aired: February 11, 2015.

First, while society enjoys cheep gas prices, electric cars are quietly going mainstream. Worldwide, electrics are now selling at twice the 2010 level. To discuss, Levi M. Tillemann, author of "The Great Race: The Global Quest for the Car of the Future" and Melissa Schilling, professor at New York University's Stern School of Business.

Then, in his 2015 State of the City address, Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke of building a citywide ferry system to help people get to work from neighborhoods like Redhook, Soundview and the Rockaways. The idea echoed a recent report showing a link between access to good transit and employment. To discuss the report, its author, Sarah Kaufman, digital manager at NYU's Rudin Center for Transportation.

Next, while talks to normalize U.S. relations with Cuba are ongoing, President Obama's move to set up an embassy there and remove the long-time embargo remain controversial. But our guest contends common views of Cuba are frozen in time. He is Mauricio Font, director of the Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center and editor of the volumes, Handbook of Contemporary Cuba.

Finally, seventeen community gardens are on lots that are slated for affordable housing development. Is Mayor de Blasio's plan to expand affordable housing at odds with the cherished green spaces in New York's neighborhoods? To discuss, community gardeners, Alice Forbes Spear and Joshua Hakimi.

Guest List

Peter Brassard Architectural and Urban Design Consultant

Prof. Mauricio Font Director, Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies/CUNY

Sarah M. Kaufman Adjunct Assistant Professor of Planning, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation

Melissa Schilling Professor, NYU Stern School of Business

Levi M. Tillemann Author, "The Great Race: The Global Quest for the Car of the Future"

Roxanne Warren Chair, Vision 42

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