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This edition: Metadata in the Age of Terror

Episode Details

Original tape date: February 23, 2015.

First aired: February 25, 2015.

This is a special episode that explores the controversial homeland security measure of mass data collection and surveillance as revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013 and brought back to light by the Oscar award winning film, Citizenfour, by Laura Poitras. Brian discussed the film with Poitras and Ben Wizner, the American Civil Liberties Union attorney for Snowden. The show begins with that panel discussion, which took place at the Ford Foundation conference, "NetGain: Working Together for a Stronger Digital Society."

Then, the National Security Administration's metadata surveillance program, which was authorized under section 215 of the patriot act, has been debated in regards to privacy concerns - but how effective has it been in actually helping to catch terrorists? Brian asks Mattathias Schwartz, whose January 26 New Yorker feature, "The Whole Haystack" explores this question in depth.

And finally, after a small drone crash-landed on the White House lawn, President Obama issued an executive order on governmental drone-use. In response the Federal Administration Aviation came up with rules limiting commercial drone use. Has Washington got it right? To discuss, Ryan Calo, the co-director of the University of Washington Tech Policy Lab.

Guest List

Ryan Calo Co-Director, University of Washington Tech Policy Lab

Laura Poitras Documentary Filmmaker, “CITIZENFOUR”

Mattathias Schwartz Staff Writer, The New Yorker

Ryan Werner

Ben Wizner Director, ACLU Speech

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