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This edition: Under the Lens, Latin America

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 9, 2015.

First aired: March 11, 2015.

First, it's become common for employers to surveil the behavior of employees through new technology. It helps out the bottom line, but at what cost? To discuss, Esther Kaplan, editor of the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute. Her article, "The Spy Who Fire Me: the Human Costs of Workplace Monitoring" appeared as the cover story of the March issue of Harper's Magazine.

Then, a look at the previous decade of transformation in Bolivia, led by the nation's first indigenous president, Evo Morales. To take us through recent history with the help of stunning photographs, photo-journalist Noah Friedman-Rudovsky.

Next, in our Public Intellectual Segment, which looks at new research with the power to change minds and public policy, survey data shows that young people in the fields of law and public policy are turned off from the idea of running for office. Author of the Washington Post article, "Millennials don't want to run for office," Rutgers University professor of political science, Shauna Shames joins us.

And finally, a six month film series that showcases the work of immigrant and first-generation American filmmakers. The series, a project of New York Women in Film and Television, called Immigrant Women: Sharing Our Voices Through Film, is ongoing at the Maspeth Town Hall in Queens. To discuss, two of the filmmakers, Zahida Pirani of "Judith: Portrait of a Street Vendor," and Christine Mladic Janney, of "Living Quechua." *More info below:

"Judith: Portrait of a Street Vendor" is currently being distributed by Third World Newsreel. For more info on future screenings and festival dates, go to

"Living Quechua" will be a part of NYC’s first Quechua film showcase March 26-28. For info on future screenings, visit .

For a list of upcoming dates and locations for the Immigrant Women: Sharing Our Voices Through Film series, please visit the New York Women in Film & Television website at

Guest List

Noah Friedman-Rudovsky Photo Journalist

Christine Marie Mladic Janney Filmmaker, "Living Quechua"

Esther Kaplan Editor, The Nation Institute Investigative Fund

Zahida Pirani Filmmaker, "Judith: Portrait of a Street Vendor"

Shauna Shames Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University