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This edition: The Rap Trap

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Original tape date: March 23, 2015.

First aired: March 25, 2015.

First, after doing time or community service, or just showing up in court, records of arrest and prosecution are supposed to stay updated and sealed. But an investigation by the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism found that thousands of these "rap sheets" are riddled with errors and often aren't sealed. This makes moving on with life, such as in getting a job, difficult. Two reporters from the project, Rebecca Bratek and Caroline Lewis, join Brian to explain.

Then, in our Public Intellectual segment, a new study finds that increasing student debt also means increasing stress. To discuss, Katrina Walsemann, professor of population health at the University of South Carolina. Her study, "Sick of Our Loans: Student Borrowing and the Mental Health of Young Adults in the United States," appeared in the Journal of Social Science Medicine.

Next, Turkish cinema. In recent years, Turkish films have been finding commercial success in Europe, across the Arab world, and now, in the U.S. Ahead of the 14th Annual New York Turkish Film Festival this Friday, March 27th, Brian talks to Chairman of the American Turkish Society, Murat Koprulu.

And, Harlem has been changing drastically. At least, by looking around at the buildings. One man has been photographing Harlem landmarks, blocks and brownstones for more than 15 years, catching a rapid time of change. To share his images, photographer Albert Vecerka.

Guest List

Rebecca Bratek Journalist, Breaking News

Murat Koprulu Chairman, American Turkish Society

Caroline Lewis Freelance Reporter, CUNY Grad School of Journalism (Alumni)

Albert Vecerka Photographer, Esto Photographics

Prof. Katrina Walsemann Associate Professor of Population Health, University of South Carolina

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