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This edition: Earth Day: Beyond Fringe

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Original tape date: April 21, 2015.

First aired: April 22, 2015.

This week, a special Earth Day episode: Beyond Fringe.

First, checking in with an organizer from the first Earth Day 45 years ago. Improvements since, and new challenges with Dennis Hayes, national coordinator of Earth Day in 1970, now president and CEO of the Bullitt Foundation, which funds environmental organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Then, it was a dream 45 years ago, but not discarded. In 1989 recycling became law in New York City. And now, brown bins are appearing for compost collection in the city. But reducing, reusing and recycling still has a way to go. To discuss, Eric Goldstein, senior attorney for the urban program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, and Christine Datz-Romero, executive director of the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

Next, the California drought is in its fourth year and water rationing is implemented for the first time in the state's history. To discuss, Paul Gleick, president and co-founder of the Pacific Institute.

Following that, on water desalination as a fix, and other environmental technologies said to be leading to a greener future, is Marianne Lavelle, climate science writer for the Daily Climate.

More green tech, and green design generally in fields such as architecture, urban planning and fashion, with Jill Fehrenbacher, founder of, a leading site on sustainable design.

And finally, the state of the world. The Worldwatch Institute, founded in 1974 does independent research on global issues and each year puts out "The State of the World." The organization's most recent report is titled "Confronting Hidden Threats to Sustainability." To discuss, Michael Renner, researcher at the Worldwatch Institute.

Guest List

Christine Datz-Romero Executive Director, Lower East Side Ecology Center

Jill Fehrenbacher Founder & CEO,

Peter Gleick President & Co-Founder, Pacific Institute

Eric Goldstein Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council

Dennis Hayes President & CEO, Bullitt Foundation

Marianne Lavelle Climate Science Writer, The Daily Climate

Michael Renner Senior Researcher, Worldwatch Institute

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