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This edition: Transparency For Sale

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Original tape date: May 12, 2015.

First aired: May 13, 2015.

First, a business that gathers data on corporations, sorts it into social impact grades, and sells it. To discuss, Bahar Gidwani, co-founder and CEO of CSR Hub. And Kevin Hagen, director of corporate responsibility at Iron Mountain.

Then, on Gregonomics, why Bill de Blasio is lucky and a higher jobless rate is great news, according to Crain's New York columnist and CUNY Graduate School of Journalism professor Greg David.

Next, in Public Intellectual, new research shows that average voters are driven by a sports team-like partisanship rather than specific issues. Many voters, the research shows, are also open to aggressive and foul tactics in politics. To explain, University of Kansas professor of political science, Patrick Miller.

And finally, a solution that would bring back some of the original beauty of Central Park while also addressing last year's deaths of Irving Schachter and Jill Tarlov, who collided with bicycles in the City's backyard. This idea involves restoring the original arches that were designed to protect pedestrians. To explain, Matt Falber a park tour guide and executive director of the Central Park Arch Project.

Guest List

Greg David Director of Business and Economics Reporting, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Matthew Falber Executive Director, Central Park Arch Project

Bahar Gidwani CEO, CSR Hub

Kevin Hagen Director of Corporate Responsibility, Iron Mountain

Patrick Miller Professor of Political Science, University of Kansas