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This edition: Safety Culture

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Original tape date: May 5, 2015.

First aired: May 20, 2015.

They are called "accidents" - from the Amtrak derailment to a toddler killed by a crumbling building facade. But Brian's first guest sees these incidents as often the predictable, preventable consequence of a poor safety culture. He is psychologist Steve Simon, who coined the term "safety culture" 30 years ago.

Then, 11 Afghan police officers were sentenced to a year in jail for standing by as a mob killed Farkhunda Malikzaka after she was wrongfully accused in burning a Qur'an. Others were charged in participating. The killing drew protests from Afghan women standing up against violence towards women. Does this represent a broader feminist activism in the Muslim world? To discuss via Skype in Istanbul, Turkey, Zainab Salbi, founder of Women for Women International and author of, "If You Knew Me You Would Care."

Next, the city is dotted with more food trucks than ever. Now, the city council and a firm called "Move Systems" plans to give street vendors eco-friendly food carts. These next guests say the city could be doing more to help these small business people. Part of the Urban Justice Center, Sean Basinksi's "Street Vendor Project" advocates for street vendors. Also to discuss this, street vendor Mohammed Attia.

And finally, New York's Penn Station is the busiest and most congested transportation hub in North America. The demolition of the original station in 1963 gave birth to the city's preservation movement. A billion dollar project underway will transform the Farley Post Office across Eight Avenue into Moynihan Station. But here's a plan to recreate the original Penn. To explain, Richard W. Cameron, principal designer at Atelier & Co. in Brooklyn and one of the original founders of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

Guest List

Mohammed Attia Street Vendor

Sean Basinski Founder & Director, Street Vendor Project at the Urban Justice Center

Richard W. Cameron Architect & Co-Founder, Atelier & Co.

Zainab Salbi Author, "If You Knew Me You Would Care"

Steve Simon President, Culture Change Consultants

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