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This edition: Smart Guns & Scared Healthy

Episode Details

Original tape date: May 26, 2015.

First aired: May 27, 2015.

First, a new campaign seeks to make guns child-proof, theft-proof, and Congress-proof. The group behind it is not anti-gun, but for safer guns and safer gun marketing. To explain, Reverend Patrick O-Connor, lead paster of the First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, and Rabbi Joel Mosbacher, campaign-cochair and leader of Mahwah, New Jersey's Beth Haverim Shir Shalom Congregation.

Then, medical marijuana is legal in 24 states and the District of Columbia. New York will soon follow. But will the pot be easy to obtain? How effective is the drug? These and other questions, with Richard Lewis, co-author of "Pot Luck: Why Marijuana is Today's Medicine," and Gabriel Sayegh, managing director of policy and campaigns in the New York State office of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Next, public health ads now often involve fear-tactics. The ads can be controversial, such as when targeted groups are stigmatized. New research analyses the social impacts of these ads by using Bloomberg-era New York City as a case study. To discuss is Amy Fairchild, professor of socio-medical sciences at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and author of "Risky Business: New York City's Experience With Fear-Based Public Health Campaigns," published in the journal, Health Affairs.

Finally, Greenwich Village was home to a thriving folk music scene in the 1950s and 1960s. Coming from a faded agricultural America, the music got tangled up in the Civil Rights Movement. This history will be explored in an upcoming exhibit, "Folk City: New York and the Folk Music Revival," from June 17 to November 29 at the Museum of the City of New York. To talk about it with images, curator and author of a "Folk City" book, Stephen Petrus. And thoughts from musician Amy Regan, who closes the hour with a music performance.

Guest List

Amy Fairchild Professor of Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

Richard W. Lewis Co-Author, "Pot Luck: Why Marijuana is Today's Medicine"

Rabbi Joel Mosbacher Beth Haverim Shir Shalom 

Patrick O'Connor First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica

Stephen Petrus Curator/author, "Folk City: New York and the Folk Music Revival, Museum of the City of New York 

Amy Regan Musician

Gabriel Sayegh Managing Director of Policy and Campaigns, Drug Policy Alliance