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This edition: Unearth by Delphine Dhilly

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First aired: November 6, 2004.

“To be rooted is one of the most important and least recognized needs of the human soul."-Simone Weil

Director Delphine Dhilly describes her program: “‘Unearth’ retraces my journey back to the 300-inhabitant French village where I grew up, questioning the reasons why all the young adults of my generation chose to stay there.

“I went back feeling that my old friendships and the relationships with my family were at stake. I feared to have become the outsider, a merciless investigator looking for data. I soon found out that I, too, belonged there. Despite me.

“‘Unearth’ explores what it takes to re-discover one's place, while revealing how belonging, community and choices might resonate in each of us.”