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This edition: Dramatic Portraits (Creative documentaries), Program E

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First aired: April 16, 2019.

In Advanced Directing class, students have to follow a person for 10 weeks, in the end making films that reveal characters not through words or images, but carefully observed dramatic situations and scenes. There are 5 restrictions: no interviews; no music; no montage; no voice-over, no special effects. TRT 25.23
1 Queen of Underground by Sam Weiss - 9.25
Stand-up comic/New York subway token booth clerk Joanna Briley (50) never stops performing. Whether on stage, underground or at home with her ailing mother, Joanna commands every room, even an empty one.
2 David King by Edyta Zachara - 9.55
African American Central Connecticut State University college student finds himself falsely suspected of in a serious situation because of being suspected , that still follows him to this day.
3 Sonic Piles by Catherine Burgess - 6.03
Soundscapes on the way to work and back home.