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This edition: Ofer Yardeni, Managing Director, Stonehenge Partners

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Original tape date: February 25, 2006.

On this episode of BuildingNY, Host Michael Stoler sits down with Ofer Yardeni who is the Managing Director of Stonehenge Partners. Stonehenge Partners is a New York based real estate company whose main goals are to acquire, redevelop, finance and manage commercial and residential real estate in New York City with a primary focus on the multifamily asset class. Ofer Yardeni and his partner Joel Seiden founded Stonehenge Partners in the early 1990’s.
Host Michael Stoler and Ofer Yardeni discuss, on BuildingNY, his humble beginnings, from his home country Israel to America, his education from Tel Aviv University to New York University, and is rise to founding Stonehenge Partners. They also discuss his first jobs, his army background, as well as his company’s influence on New York City Real Estate.

Guest List

Michael Stoler Host, The Stoler Report

Ofer Yardeni Managing Partner, Stonehenge Partners, Inc.