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This edition: The Life of Hasu P. Shah

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Original tape date: October 18, 2012.

First aired: December 3, 2012.

You may have heard this story; you may have lived the story: about the young person who comes to America, seeking a better life. That's Hasu P. Shah's story told to host Michael Stoler. Mr. Shah was born in India. His father was a cloth merchant with a good business that faded, Mr. Shah believes because of his father's lack of schooling. Hasu's goes to a science college in India, but comes to America for more education, works hard, saves for tuition, one year for the next. A story with a happy ending! Hasu P. Shah marries his childhood sweetheart, has children, builds and becomes chairman of the board of the Hersha Hospitality Trust.

Guest List

Hasu P. Shah Chairman of the Board, Hersha Hospitality Trust

Michael Stoler Host, The Stoler Report