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This edition: September 2001 edition

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Original tape date: September 1, 2001.

A Matter of Taste

Nominated for five Cesar Awards in France, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Screenplay, A Matter of Taste cooks up a shrewd psychological thriller from the encounter of a wealthy man and the younger man he hires as his food taster. Director Bernard Rapp, well known in France as a distinguished journalist and documentarian as well as filmmaker, talks to CANAPE about how finding our own double may be a very dangerous game.

Gisele Pineau

The epoch of colonialism, presumably closed many years ago, continues to produce unexpected results. One of the most beguiling is the renaissance of literature coming from formerly colonized or enslaved peoples. A native of Guadeloupe, Gisele Pineau is one of the voices of creolite, the distinct literature written about the experience of people of African descent in the French Antilles. The charming author talks to CANAPE about her themes, her novels, and her creative process.

MICEFA (French-American student exchange program)

Some students are lucky enough to study French, one of the world's most important languages. Other students are even luckier to do so in Paris or elsewhere in France. CANAPE recently visited the offices of MICEFA in Paris. John D. Edwards, a professor at the University of Paris and director of the office, talks with CANAPE about the pleasures and values of learning French culture and language from the inside.

I Muvrini

Most people know Corsica as the birthplace of Napoleon. Like many island cultures, it absorbs and recycles what comes to its shores. Since 1977 the musical group I Muvrini has extended that tradition to Corsican music. Sought as collaborators by stars such as Sting, these creators of more than 10 European albums find room for Cajun, Celtic, and other world music styles within their Corsican polyrhythmic base. CANAPE catches the group on its first North American tour.

CNAC (Centre National des Arts du Cirque)

It's an old threat from child to parent: “I'm going to run away to the circus!” That's been a bit hard to do in the USA in recent years. In France, it's easier, but you end up in a first rate school administered by CNAC, the National Center for the Circus Arts. CANAPE is there as two French students talk about what they've learned and show what they do to a delighted workshop audience in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Guest List

Jean-François Bernardini Singer, “I Muvrini”

John D. Edwards Vice President, MICEFA (Mission Interuniversitaire de Coordination des Echanges Franco-Américains)

Gisèle Pineau Author

Bernard Rapp Film Director

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