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This edition: July 2001 edition

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Original tape date: July 1, 2001.

Bernard Pivot

He doesn't do stand up. He doesn't stage stupid pet tricks. All he does is talk about books, and it has made him a star of French television for over 25 years. In June 2001 Bernard Pivot taped the last episode of his popular series Bouillon de Culture. CANAPE attended and then obtained an exclusive interview with the jovial bibliophile.

Richard Seaver on Jerome Lindon

In an era of mega-bookstores and international media conglomerates, quantity would seem to reign supreme. Recently, the publishing world lost one of its great exceptions: Jerome Lindon, editor in chief of Les Editions des Minuit, the small Parisian publishing house that boasts Nobel Prize winners Samuel Beckett and Claude Simon as part of its list. American publisher Richard Seaver, a longtime friend of Lindon, discusses the mark left on the international book scene by the quality minded French publisher.

Band of Outsiders

In 1964 when New Wave filmmaker Jean Luc Godard threw film noir, the American musical, and French philosophy into his cinematic cuisinart the result was Band of Outsiders. Long a favorite of cinephiles everywhere, it has inspired such American directors as Quentin Tarantino and Hal Hartley. Now the film is back in a new 35mm print ready to seduce another generation of viewers and filmmakers. Legendary French star Anna Karina talks to CANAPE about the film and her career.

Manu Chao

Several years ago, the influential French rock band Mano Negra gave a tour sailing from port to port and performing from the deck of their ship. Later, when they broke up, their leader Manu Chao disappeared for several years, travelling through Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. With the release of his first solo album Clandestino he produced a unique, acoustic blend of the sonic landscapes he traversed. The second installment Proxima Estation: Esperanza is now pleasing listeners around the world. On his first US tour the multilingual musical wizard talks to CANAPE.


Charm, melody, and social criticism have been a happy menage a trois in popular French music. The duo of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, known to the world as Air, are the latest successful addition to the list. Fully committed to a worldly eclecticism supported by a core of electronic music, the group mixes retro-disco sounds with homages to rock 'n rollers like Brian Wilson and Depeche Mode. Are they electronica, jazz, or trip-hop? CANAPE lets them talk for themselves.

I Muvrini

Most people know Corsica as the birthplace of Napoleon. Like many island cultures, it absorbs and recycles the many products that come to it shores. Since 1977 the musical group I Muvrini have extended that mission to Corsican music. Producers of more than 10 albums in Europe and performers sought for collaboration by stars such as Sting, the group finds room for Cajun, Celtic, and other world music styles within its Corsican polyrhythmic base. CANAPE catches the group on its first North American tour.

CNAC (Centre National des Arts du Cirque)

It's an old threat from child to parent: “I'm going to run away to the circus!” That's been a bit hard to do in the USA in recent years. In France, it's easier, but you end up in a first rate school administered by CNAC, the National Center for the Circus Arts. Two French students talk about what they've learned and demonstrate what they do to a delighted workshop audience in Shreveport, Louisiana. CANAPE was there.

Guest List

Manu Chao Musician

Jean-Benoit Dunckel Musician, “Air”

Nicolas Godin Musician, “Air”

Anna Karina Actress

Bernard Pivot Journalist

Richard Seaver Publisher

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