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This edition: May 2001 edition

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Original tape date: May 1, 2001.

Charlotte Rampling

Critics say she's back. Admirers say she never went away. In any case, actress Charlotte Rampling is earning universal praise for her role in Francois Ozon's mysterious drama Under the Sand, a critical and box office success in France. The beautiful actress, now of a “certain age,” talks to CANAPE about her career and new film in release.

Jean-Christophe Rufin

A doctor and founder of the Nobel Peace Prize winning organization Medecins sans Fronitieres, Jean-Christophe Rufin is a frequent leader of humanitarian efforts by the French government. In his spare time, he's a novelist with a penchant for history. The Abyssinian won the prestigious Prix Goncourt for a first novel. Its sequel The Siege of Isfahan now appears in English. Dr. Rufin guides CANAPE into his world.

Josee Lapeyrere and Djeour Cissokho

She's a Parisian psychoanalyst and he's a Senegalese griot or traditional storyteller. What do they have in common? A universal faith in the power of poetry to enlighten, inform, record, and animate human experience. On a recent trip to the United States, poet Josee Lapeyrere and musician Dleour Cissokho took the stage together to show how the traditional and the modern meet on the common ground of art. CANAPE was there.

Petits Freres

Drugs, crime, broken families and the projects. In the American imagination it's the inner city. In the French imagination it's the banlieue, the working class, immigrant suburbs that ring Paris. In recent years these neighborhoods have inspired a string of distinguished films exploring the new social realities of France. Writer and film critic Kent Jones talks to CANAPE about Jacques Doillon's Petits Freres, the latest film to bring an understanding of the banlieue to a larger world.

Adele Abdessemed

He's barely thirty years old, but Adele Abdessemed is already a worldly artist. Born in Algeria and educated at the National Fine Arts School in Lyons, France, he has exhibited in France, Italy, Korea, Spain, Japan, Slovenia, and Switzerland. Now in residence at the International Studio Program of PS 1, he chats with CANAPE about New York and his art.

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