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This edition: March 2001 edition

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Original tape date: March 1, 2001.

Dany Laferriere
Violence, alas, is a favorite way of dealing with the dictators and hypocrites of the world. But there may be something better, as exiled Haitian writer Dany Laferriere has shown the world for over 20 years. There is the laughter that satire provokes. It seems that the powerful don't like humiliation very much. CANAPE listens as the writer explains his surgical method.

Francophonie? Isn't that a new telephone company with French owners? No, it's something much bigger. It's the global culture of all peoples who speak French as their primary language. It reaches from Toulouse to Tahiti, from St. Michel to Senegal, from Paris to Port au Prince, and from Cannes to Carthage. For a special edition of CANAPE dedicated to Francophonie, diplomat Ridha Bouabid explains how linguistic diversity contributes to cultural democracy.

Gao Xingjian
Gao Wingjian is the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel prize for Literature. His recently translated novel Soul Mountain and his innovative plays offer an x-ray of the modern Chinese soul. All of this, some might be surprised to learn, has been accomplished by a French citizen. Xingjian, who studied French at Bejing University, has lived and worked in Paris since 1985. On a recent trip to America he talked to CANAPE about his universal art.

Michel Coulombe / Quebec Cinema
It is a truth universally acknowledged that many Hollywood movies film these days in Canada. Few Americans know, however, that Quebec produces and has produced for many years an artistically impressive French language cinema. Indeed, the cinema of Quebec is so rich and broad that it merits a reference work. Co-author Michel Coulombe of Le Dictionaire de Cinema Quebecois chats with CANAPE about films from close to our borders that we would profit from seeing.

Jackie Terrasson
Born in Berlin, raised in Paris, and educated in Boston, Jackie Terrassson is one of the hottest young jazz pianists in any city. As a teenager in France, he studied ardently the records of Bud Powell, Bill Evans, and Thelonius Monk. His earlier CDs show his debt to his masters and a talented voice of his own. On his new release A Paris he returns to his cultural roots, digs some old ground, and plants some new seeds. Terrasson jams for CANAPE.

France Moves
Dance is on the move in France and crossing the Atlantic to let America check it out. “Rooted in different experiences,” says the New York Times, “these choreographers could be compared to the School of Paris between the two world wars: their origins are varied, and France has allowed them to be themselves.” Those selves are no less than 10 companies who will perform in New York in April and May. CANAPE takes a little look at the big new festival of contemporary dance: France Moves.

Guest List

Ridha Bouabid Head of Delegation, International Organization of La Francophonie

Michel Coulombe Author

Dany Laferrière Author

Yorgos Loukos Artistic Director, The International Dance Festival in Cannes

Jacky Terrasson Jazz Pianist

Gao Xingjian Author

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