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This edition: February 2001 edition

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Original tape date: February 1, 2001.

Madison Smartt Bell

Who defeated Napoleon? The English at Waterloo, for one. Old man winter in Russia, for two. And for three? The fledging army of the newly declared republic of Haiti. Writer Madison Smartt Bell joins CANAPE to talk about this largely forgotten fact and his sweeping project of a trilogy of novels exploring how the world's only successful slave revolt turned the most prosperous colony in the French empire into the second republic in the Americas.

Michel Hermon

Recordings keep songwriters alive, but they would be nothing without the passion and talent of performers who advocate them. French singer Michel Hermon makes a specialty of keeping alive the repertoire of such greats as Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, and Leo Ferre. The busy performer took time off from a recent rehearsal to chat with CANAPE about the enduring power of the late activist/ composer/ singer Leo Ferre.

Pierre Buhler

In our increasingly globalized world, we all need to understand more fully other cultures, other nations. France has a long tradition of recognizing foreigners who help explain the values of French culture to their compatriots. A recent ceremony at the French Embassy in New York honored several friends of France. Cultural Counselor Pierrre Buhler talks with CANAPE about the significance of the awards.

Dahesh Museum

Why make a gladiator movie? Ridley Scott says it was the inspiration of the image Pollice Verso by the great 19th French artist Jean-Leon Gerome. A current exhibition at the Dahesh Museum -- Gerome and Goupil: Art and Enterprise -- offers spectators a rich comparative view of his original paintings and their reproductions manufactured and sold around the world by the art dealer/publisher Adolphe Goupil. Curators Helene Lafont-Couturier and Pierre Lin Renie of the Musee Goupil in Bordeaux talk to CANAPE about 19th art and its market.

The Widow of Saint Pierre

A new film by Patrice Leconte, director of Monsieur Hire, Ridicule, and The Girl on the Bridge, is always a cause for anticipation. Add actress Juliette Binoche to the mix and you have celebration! In The Widow of Saint Pierre she plays a provincial officer's wife on an island off Canada in 1850. The presence of a condemned man awaiting the arrival of a guillotine sets the plot in motion.


Really? Yes, really. The innovative gallery the Artists Space has a new show called Really, a group exhibition of artists who blur the borders between fantasy and reality, art and life. French artists Alain Bublex and Matthieu Laurette are on display. Curator Barbara Hunt speculates on the reasons for these artistic obsessions and creator Alain Bublex guides CANAPE into his world.

Guest List

Alain Bublex Artist

Pierre Buhler Cultural Counselor, French Embassy, NY

Michel Hermon Singer

Barbara Hunt Curator, The Artists Space, NY

Robert Isaacson Director, CUNY TV

Hélène Lafont-Couturier Curator, Frick Art & Historical Center

Pierre-Lin Renié Guest Curator, Musee Goupil, Bourdeaux

Madison Smartt Bell Author

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