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This edition: December 2000 edition

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Original tape date: December 1, 2000.

The Living Theater

The Living Theater has been breaking the fourth wall since 1947 mounting innovative productions that inspire, amuse, jolt and outrage. And not necessarily in that order. At a recent exhibit co-founder of the company Judith Malina talked to CANAPE about the work of her late husband and fellow co-founder Julian Beck. We learn how painting and France are ingredients in the rich recipe of their theatrical art.

Pierre et Gilles

If you thought Pop Art died with the 60s, think again. Dedicated to celebrating the beauty of the image through an explicitly gay sensibility, French painter-photographers Pierre and Gilles have been creating striking combinations of pop and classical figures since 1976. Senior curator at the New Museum Dan Cameron talks about where these witty artists fit in today's scene and what their works tell us.

Michel Houellebecq

A bold, harsh yet funny assessment of the millenial West, the 1998 novel The Elementary Particles was a bestseller in France and angered clergy, humanists, and veterans of 60s radicalism alike. It's safe to say that any book that engages so many readers and angers so many pundits can't be all bad. Upon the occasion of its publication in English, author Michel Houellebecq talks to CANAPE about his novels, his poetry and the quest for happiness in these turbulent times.


Jazz began as an African inspired dance music in New Orleans. In the past century it conquered the world but stopped dancing. The wildly popular new recording Tourist wants to put the dance groove back into jazz and to put jazz back into dancers. The Frenchman behind the project is Ludovic Navarre, known to the world as St. Germain. At a recent sold out performance during his US tour, he took time to riff with CANAPE.


What do you do when Louis the 14th decides to drop in for the weekend with a few hundred of his closest friends? Hire Gerard Depardieu as your party planner. That's what you do. The sumptuous new film Vatel serves a banquet of the romance, pleasures and intrigues of pre-Revolutionary France. CANAPE samples the buffet of cinematic delights.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that food and film go together. While a few years ago Babette cooked a feast, a sweet new film dwells on a food that tempts from morning till night: chocolate. Academy Award winning French beauty Juliette Binoche plays a single mother whose new chocolate shop stirs up the tranquillity of a small village. CANAPE offers a nibble of the delicious decadent treat called Chocolat.

Guest List

Dan Cameron Senior Curator, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Soho, NY

Michel Houellebecq Author, "The Elementary Particles"

Judith Malina Co-founder, "The Living Theater"

Ludovic Navarre Jazz musician

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