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This edition: November 2000 edition

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Original tape date: November 1, 2000.

The Case of Dr. Sachs

A bestseller in France and winner of the “Prix du livre Inter, ” The Case of Dr. Sachs is a novel that portrays with unusual compassion the life of a dedicated country doctor in contemporary France. Recently published in English, the book is also now a movie directed by Michel Deville. Author Martin Winckler, himself once a country physician, talks to CANAPE about the human side of medicine.

A Distant Muse

It may be the Middle East today, but for the 18th and 19th centuries is was the Orient. The European curiosity about the lands of camels, harems, and ancient ruins knew few bounds. Curator Stephen Edidin tells CANAPE about how a new exhibit “A Distant Muse: Orientalist Works from the Dahesh Museum of Art” explores the ways French and European artists used the Orient as a palette of fantasy about cultural difference.

Le Quan Ninh

If rhythm is the soul of music, then percussion is its beating heart. From China to Senegal, from Havana to Harlem drums and other percussive instruments give the world shape and pulse. Contemporary master of the improvisational and classical traditions, Le Quan Ninh chats with CANAPE
about how the beat goes on.


Who was that guy with his hand in his vest? Napoleon, of course. But he was much, much more. A superb military leader, he was also a political, legal, and civic reformer whose imprint is still felt today. Film director David Grubin talks to CANAPE about the challenge of bringing to life in a new documentary film this short man of gigantic importance.

La Buche

Christmas may be merry and nice for some, but for others it's the moment when the family must enter a demilitarized zone, the dining room. The new film La Buche traces the lives of three very different sisters as they approach another Christmas season. Best known as a writer of such films as Cousin Cousine and La Reine Margot, Daniele Thompson chats with CANAPE about taking the director's chair and celebrating Christmas in her own way.

Guest List

Stephen Edidin Curator, Dahesh Museum

David Grubin Documentary Filmmaker

Lê Quan Ninh Percussionist

Danièle Thompson Film Director

Martin Winckler Author

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