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This edition: October 2001 edition

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Original tape date: October 1, 2001.


Some directors make another reality, a place that is their own planet. Federico Fellini and Terry Gilliam are obvious examples. Add to their ranks Jean-Pierre Jeunet, co-director of the wacky Delicatessen and director of the chilling Alien4:Resurrection. His latest creation is Amelie, the story of a girl who helps others in her own way. The director and his male star Matthieu Kassowitz talk to CANAPE about their unusual vision.

Sobibor, October 14, 1943, 4pm

For most filmgoers of social conscience the greatest film about the Holocaust is Claude Lanzman's marathon Shoah. Yet there is more to tell. Now Lanzman returns to address the subject of Jewish resistance. The new film is Sobibor, October 14, 1943, 4pm, the story of the only successful uprising against the Nazis by extermination camp inmates. Lanzman describes for CANAPE his passion for memory and history, his faith in the testimony of the participants


In April 1998 French director Patrice Chereau wandered into his favorite bookstore and found Intimacy, the new novel by British writer Hanif Kureishi, well known for My Beautiful Launderette. It was love at first page. Now, three years later, the page is on the screen. Director Chereau visits CANAPE to talk about his sexually bold drama and his need to tell the story in its original English setting. Composer Eric Neveux adds thoughts about music to the mix.

Va Savoir / Who Knows?

If Truffaut is the New Wave's humanist and Godard is its resident wit, then Jacques Rivette is its consummate magician. For him, the camera is a wand sweeping over illusion and reality. Similarly, actors are improvisers who contribute to his films as musicians do to a jazz composition. His latest lark is Va Savoir, a comic meditation on love today in the City of Light. Director Rivette and his stars Jeanne Balibar and Helene de Fougerolles share their views with CANAPE.

The Town is Quiet

Marseilles, France's bustling, cosmopolitan port city of the Mediterranean, has inspired many writers, artists, and filmmakers. Its comings and goings, its peoples and its places are the subject of the films of Robert Guediguian, whose earlier Marius and Jeanette charmed worldwide audiences. In his new work The Town is Quiet the director orchestrates an Altmanesque canvas of intersecting lives to explore what lies beneath the sunny serenity of his native city. He offers CANAPE a glimpse of the reality of Marseilles.

Olivier Latry

Music has many powers, and in the wake of the tragic events in New York of September 11th, the world needs the kind of healing that music helps make. On Monday, October 15th, in a gesture of French-American solidarity, the French Consulate in New York and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy sponsored a non-denominational memorial concert for the victims of the terrorist attacks. Olivier Latry, the celebrated organist of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, came to contribute his talents. He talks to CANAPE.

Guest List

Jeanne Balibar Actress

Patrice Chereau Film Director

Helene de Fougerolles Actress

Robert Guediguian Film Producer and Director

Jean-Pierre Jeunet Film Director

Matthieu Kassovitz Actor

Claude Lanzmann Film Director

Eric Neveux Musician, composer

Jacques Rivette Film Director

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