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This edition: March 2000 edition

Episode Details

Original tape date: March 1, 2000.

In this edition:
Cinéma: Actress Sandrine Bonnaire talks about her role in the film "Est-ouest" ("East-West") (00:47)
Art: An exhibition entitled "The Corset: Fashioning the Body" at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City (06:07)
Cinéma: The CNC's (Centre National de la Cinematographie) work in preserving French film. Laurence Kardish, Senior Curator of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, discusses MOMA's tribute to the CNC (11:27)
Art: "Overcoming All Obstacles: The Women of the Académie Julian" at the Dahesh Museum, NYC (16:13)
Cinéma: Michel Ocelot on his film, "Kirikou and the Sorceress" (21:56)

Guest List

Sandrine Bonnaire Actress

J. David Farmer Former Director, Dahesh Museum, NYC

Laurence Kardish Senior Film Curator, Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Michel Ocelot Film Director

Valerie Steele Chief Curator, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC