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This edition: April 2002 edition

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Original tape date: April 24, 2002.

Chantal Ackerman
An icon of international women filmmakers, Chantal Ackerman has been inspiring, pleasing, and infuriating audiences for over twenty years with her radical cinema. Now she takes on everyone's favorite French novelist, no less than Marcel Proust. Her latest film LA CAPTIVE adapts the fifth volume of A LA RECHERCHE DU TEMPS PERDU to contemporary France. The diminutive filmmaker talks to CANAPE about her recent project and her overall career.

Most people wouldn't be happy to give their name to “sadism,” but let's just say that the Marquis de Sade wasn't your average person. Set during one of the bloodiest phases of the French Revolution, the new film Sade tells the story of the famed hedonist's stay in Picpus, a sanitarium where aristocrats sought refuge from the guillotine. Director Benoit Jacquot, actor Daniel Auteiul, and actress Marianne Denicourt chat with CANAPE about the challenge of filming a world gone mad with revolution.

Girls Can't Swim
Beaches are more than excuses for volleyball. In a long line of films, they are the places where adolescents come of age during summer vacation. The latest French addition to this tradition is Girls Can't Swim by Anne-Sophie Birot. The first time director talks to CANAPE about how to balance comedy and concern while showing the sexual awakening of two teenage girls.

Guest List

Chantal Ackerman Film Director

Daniel Auteuil Actor

Jeanne Balibar Actress

Anne-Sophie Birot Film Director

Helene de Fougerolles Actress

Marianne Denicourt Actress

Benoit Jacquot Film Director

Jacques Rivette Film Director

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