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Original tape date: May 24, 2002.

Claude Simon

Although Claude Simon won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1985, it failed to make him a household name. Now Americans have another chance to catch up with the 88 year old author whose key theme is memory. His two most recent novels THE JARDIN DES PLANTES and THE TROLLEY are out in superb English translations. Simon scholar and friend Professor Tom Bishop talks to CANAPE about the pleasures of reading the heir to William Faulkner and Marcel Proust.


It's a long way from rural Haiti to singing for the 1998 Goodwill Games, but that's the trajectory of the multitalented singer / chant artist / producer / composer Earthman. A pioneer of the dance music known as “house,” he draws from a global range of styles that include such outposts of francophonie as Haiti and Tunisia. He also feels that artists must give back to the world from which they draw their materials. The passionate young artist chats with CANAPE about how philanthropy should be a part of global pop music.

The Art of French Fashion

If today an American wants to know something about French fashion it's a click away on the Internet. Such was not the case in the 18th century when American colonials began to look to France for a sense of what would bring European style and elegance to their side of the Atlantic. A recent exhibit at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, Connecticut explores the American love affair with French fashion over a 200 year period . Curator Carol Krute tells CANAPE about how the city of Paris has been a dress shop always open to Americans.

The Lady and the Duke

You might call it “the French Revolution goes digital.” The Lady and the Duke, the latest film from New Wave master Eric Rohmer, uses new digital imaging not for elaborate special effects but to re-create the visual culture of the French Revolution. The story concerns a Scottish aristocrat whose French lover is involved in perilous revolutionary politics. “If cinema had been around to capture the chaos of France in the 1790's,” says The New York Times, “one imagines it would have looked something like this.” CANAPE takes a guided tour of an 18th century world rendered by 21st century technology.

Francois Dominique

Some authors find a style and stay there. Others explore. Francois Dominique keeps company with the explorers. Trained as a scholar of law and political science, he creates fictional worlds that move sinuously across the frontiers of prose and poetry. On a recent lecture tour of the United States, he stopped to talk with CANAPE about the writer's craft in a rapidly changing world and about his work as a publisher and translator in France of American poetry.

Guest List

Thomas Bishop Professor, New York University

Francois Dominique Author/Publisher

Earthman Singer

Carol Krute Curator, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum

Lucy Russell Actress

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