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This edition: February 2003 edition

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Original tape date: February 24, 2003.

Institut Lumiere
Lumiere. It means light in French. How appropriate, then, that the brothers who invented the movies should have it as their last name. It all began over one hundred years ago in Lyon. Were the Lumiere brothers technicians or artists, primitives or sophisticates? Thierry Fremeaux, director of the Institut Lumiere in Lyon, enlightens CANAPE about the history of early cinema and about the current activities of the lively center.

He Loves me, He Loves Me Not
Wondering what happened to the ultra-cute star of Amelie, Audrey Tautou? The answer is coming to a theater near you. It's called He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Is she in love and as cute as ever? Maybe. Maybe not. First time director Leatitita Colombani joins CANAPE to talk about the discipline of writing and directing a romantic thriller for France's hottest young star.

The Last Letter
Anyone who cares about documentary knows the name of Frederick Wiseman. Films such as High School, Welfare, and The Store define a whole segment of documentary practice. Now for the first time Wiseman turns to fiction. Adapted from an acclaimed novel by Jewish Ukrainian writer Vassily Grossman, The Last Letter offers a subtle performance by renowned French actress Catherine Samie. The master director talks to CANAPE about his attraction to a story that documents a legacy of genocide.

Edouard Vuillard
The art of Edouard Vuillard has one foot in the 19th century and the other in the 20th. His popularity, though, follows him into the new century. Admirers of the French artist have an unprecedented opportunity to examine and enjoy the many facets of his long career at the comprehensive touring exhibit Edouard Vuillard. Over 200 works show the range and variety of his talents, works that include decorative and graphic arts as well as paintings. CANAPE offers a peek at the life and work of an artist whose intimate environment and friends became the subjects of great art.

Sounds French 2003
Not all invasions are bad. In March 2003 French music, musicians, and composers will land and take ground all over New York City. An alliance of musical institutions and venues are cooperating to celebrate in a panoramic fashion the past fifty years of modern French music. More than twenty concerts will be complemented by lectures, roundtables, and screenings at Lincoln Center and the French Institute / Alliance Francaise. French and American artists will participate together playing and examining contemporary French music. CANAPE offers a preview for the eye and ear.

Guest List

Pierre Boulez Composer, Conductor

Dr. Guy Cogeval Director, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Laetitia Colombani Film Director

Thierry Fremaux Artistic Director, Intitut Lumiere

Frederick Wiseman Film Director