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This edition: March 2003 edition

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Original tape date: March 26, 2003.

Raoul Coutard
Breathless and Shoot the Piano Player. Jean Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut. Few films and filmmakers have so changed movie history. Arresting in their freewheeling images of post-war Paris, these New Wave films also introduced to worldwide audiences the brilliant cinematography of Raoul Coutard. For over forty years a frequent collaborator with France's finest directors, Coutard was recently honored with a retrospective in New York. On a rare visit to the USA the French master of light gave an exclusive interview to CANAPE.

David Robertson
Music may be a universal language, but on many occasions it expresses national culture and pride. Think Richard Wagner and Germany. Conductors, however, need to be true cosmopolitans. Think Seiji Ozawa and the Boston Symphony. For the latest and youngest in the line of cosmopolitans, think David Robertson and the Orchestre National de Lyon. The American conductor chats with CANAPE about his passion for music, especially when it's 20th century French music.

Branford Marsalis
What's tropical, musical, and French all over but still in the USA? New Orleans, of course, the fountainhead of jazz, R & B, and more musicians than jambalaya has ingredients. If the Crescent City can boast a royal family of jazz, it's the Marsalis clan. In a recent recording Creation brother Branford Marsalis explores the early 20th century French repertoire of avant-garde music, a spicy mix of popular styles, jazz influences, and classical basics. CANAPE takes a listen.

The Girl from Paris
Odd couples come in many shapes and sizes. The delightful new French film The Girl from Paris pits an internet specialist trying to rewire her life as a farmer against an old peasant whose farm is her new domain. Young actress Mathilde Seigner and veteran actor Michel Serrault make the path to understanding a trip worth taking. Director Christian Carion and producer Christophe Rossignon chat with CANAPE about how comedy leavens a crisis of different generations.

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