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This edition: July 2003 edition

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Original tape date: July 1, 2003.

Whether it's July 4th in America or July 14th in France, the beach resorts are full. But what happens in November or April? Following the rhythms of small town life, the insightful new French film Seaside takes a look at one of those places as the lives of several families intertwine over a year. First time director Julie Lopez-Curval, who won the Camera d'Or at the Cannes Film festival for her work, talks to CANAPE about her characters and their lives.

Confusion of Genders
Who says lawyers are dull? The protagonist of the intricate social comedy Confusion of Genders is a near forty attorney whose bisexual libido rules his practice as well as his life. It's tough when you fall for a client who's a convicted murderer. It's worse when you also fall for his hairdresser girlfriend. After that, things get really complicated. The film's director Ilan Duran Cohen chats with CANAPE about his deadpan comedy of sexual chaos.

Aime Cesaire
Poetry and politics are frequently strange bedfellows. The lyrical and the practical aren't always the ideal couple. Every rule, of course, breeds its exception. Martinican Aime Cesaire, who celebrates his 90th birthday in 2003, is one of those grand exceptions. He is both a major French poet and a major political voice in the history of formerly colonized and enslaved peoples. CANAPE takes a look at his background as explored by Euzhan Palcy's documentary Aime Cesaire: A Voice for History. Bonne anniversaire, monsieur!

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen
Since the early worldwide success of A Man and a Woman, audiences have looked to director Claude Lelouch for a mixture of romance, intrigue, and cinematic panache all orchestrated to the melodies of France's best film music. The latest entry in the Lelouch gallery is And Now Ladies and Gentlemen starring British romantic icon Jeremy Irons and French jazz singer Patricia Kaas. He's a jewel thief. She's a down and out chanteuse. And the music is by the great Michel Legrand. Master storyteller Lelouch and actress Alessandra Martines talk to CANAPE about filmmaking.

Renoir and Algeria
The images that the great Impressionist painters created of the French countryside are so beautiful, so beloved, and so well known that that they can block our view of their other accomplishments. The traveling exhibit Renoir and Algeria explores a little known, but longstanding arena of interest for the painter. Art historian Dorothy Kosinski of the Dallas Museum of Art talks about the impact of North Africa on the French imagination and on the ever curious Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Once Upon a Tart
It should be no surprise that many new recipes come from cities. The best cities and the best recipes mix unexpected ingredients to cook up new tastes and fresh experiences. Ten years ago Frenchman Jerome Audureau and American Frank Mentesana left their jobs in hotel management to start a bakery and café in New York's Soho gallery district. A decade later they and their soups, salads, muffins, and more are part of the urban foodscape. It only seems right to publish a cookbook to share their success with those who can't get to the neighborhood. Chef Jerome Audureau talks to CANAPE about French casual cooking a la Soho.

Guest List

Jerome Audureau Cookbook Author

Ilan Duran Cohen Film Director

Dorothy Kosinski Curator, Dallas Museum of Art

Claude Lelouch Film Director

Alessandra Martines Actress