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This edition: December 2003 edition

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Original tape date: December 1, 2003.

Emmanuel Dongala
The Congo? Oh sure, I read The Heart of Darkness in college. Well, friend, it just might be time to update the syllabus. There is no better place to do so than the newly translated novels of Congolese writer, academic, and research chemist Emmanuel Dongala. On a recent visit to the New York State Writer's Institute, the New England based, French speaking novelist talked to CANAPE about his motives for working in science and literature.

Paris Sweets
There is much to see and eat in Paris. As visitors to the City of Light know, there is one sure way to combine the pleasures of both: pastry shops. In her latest book Paris Sweets noted food writer Dorie Greenspan takes the reader on a tour that is sure to leave the stomach growling. From a comfortable chair in the New York outpost of Paris's famous gourmet bazaar Fauchon, she tells CANAPE about how pastry is more than a snack. It's a cultural tradition.

Audiences have been dying to see her die for a century and a half. Sarah Bernhardt and Greta Garbo embodied her memorably. She is, of course, the most famous courtesan of the French stage, Camille. Like all legends, she will be re-told. The latest version comes from The Common Basis Theatre. Playwright Larry Hayes and director Dunstin J. Cormack give CANAPE the word on their rationale for a new adaptation.

Location 1: Vincent Lamouroux
What's old is new. Those unrepentant avant-gardists of the 1920s were no friends to the walls of museums. Art, they believed, needs to go and be elsewhere. Seventy five years later French artist Vincent Lamouroux agrees. An artist in residence at Location 1, he likes to create machines that move. CANAPE explores his creative world.

Colorful Impressions
Art promotes more art in unexpected ways. In 18th century France the new popularity of genre painting created a desire for copies that could be acquired to display in the home. This, in turn, opened the field for art and technical invention of the highest order. The magnificent exhibit at the National Gallery of Art Colorful Impressions: The Printmaking Revolution in Eighteenth Century France explores a century of changing tastes in subject matter and visual style. CANAPE takes a look and curator Margaret Morgan Graselli leads the tour.

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