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This edition: March 2005 edition

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Original tape date: March 17, 2005.

1/ Monique Gagnon Tremblay
C'est quoi la francophonie? What is francophonie? And by the way, why are people celebrating it? To answer those questions CANAPE ventures northward to America's closest French speaking neighbor Quebec. Who could be better to explain francophonie than Madame Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, Minister of International Relations and Minister Responsible for La Francophonie for the province of Quebec? She helps CANAPE celebrate the month of francophonie with a special episode featuring French-speaking artists from around the world.

2/ Hervé Di Rosa
Born and educated in France, artist Hervé Di Rosa has made the world his home. His inspirations are global, but as his trilingual website - French, English, and Spanish - suggests, the cultural circuits created by the Atlantic Ocean hold a special place in his imagination. All materials are fair game for his pop accented approach. Whether the source is tribal or industrial, the outcome is always lively, always Di Rosa. From the Haim Chanin Gallery in New York the artist tells CANAPE about his work, a place where categories disappear.

3/ Boukan Ginen
The Caribbean is more than a sea; it's the great jukebox of the Americas, a bubbling caldron of rhythms hard to resist. Calypso, reggae, salsa, merengue, and zouk have their worldwide fans. In Haiti and its diaspora one of the finest exponents of the roots dance music known as mizik rasin is Boukan Ginen. Listening to their driving beat it's easy to understand that their name means fire from Africa. CANAPE listens to what the band has to say about their music and culture.

4/ Nicole Brossard
A poet, novelist, essayist, literary theorist and feminist activist, Nicole Brossard is one of the key figures of contemporary literature in Quebec. The language of her art is French, but as a native of bilingual Montreal she brings the issues of translation into her work. What is it to be a woman writing in French on a continent where English is the dominant language? Her work offers many answers because it is a question without end. Each work creates its own space, its own inquiry. CANAPE chats with Madame Brossard about her work and listens to her words.

5/ Mory Kanté
Born into a family of African griots, Mory Kanté uses his music to both preserve the traditions of his Mandinka culture and to modernize African music with global influences. It is a balancing act which he has executed with diplomatic skill and great popular success for over twenty five years. He is the first African artist to sell one million copies in Europe. One link in his musical chain has always been the French language shared by so many African artists. Equally a master of delicate harp music and addictive dance tunes, this legend of world music takes time for a talk with CANAPE.

Guest List

Boukan Ginen Music Band

Nicole Brossard Poet

Hervé Di Rosa Artist

Monique Gagnon-Tremblay Minister of International Relations, La Francophonie for the province of Quebec

Mory Kanté Musician

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