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This edition: April 2005 edition

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Original tape date: April 15, 2005.

Keren Ann
An album of “unabated elegance and beauty.” “Haunting soundscapes that are as unsettling as they are beautiful.” A “day remembered at night from far away, details distended by wine and selective memory.” Those are a few of the phrases critics are using to describe the new production by the New York inspired, Parisian singer Keren Ann. Its title Nolita is named after her adopted neighborhood in downtown Manhattan. The singer who loves North of Little Italy - Nolita -- talks to CANAPE about her transatlantic art.\

Look at Me
It's the eternal question for the eternal Francophile. Is it really better in Paris? The latest award winning answer comes in the form of the delightful comedy of manners Look at Me, directed, written, and starring Agnes Jaoui. Like the best French chocolate, the film is much more than a sugar rush of Parisian pleasures. It rewards the cinematic palate with characters whose vanities and ambitions are as dark and bitter as creamy and sweet. The multitalented creator of the rich confection chats with CANAPE about her film art.

Daniel Buren
Some folks like museums. Some don't. Count artist Daniel Buren among those who have some serious questions about the whole thing. So what, then, is he doing with a major presence at the Guggenheim Museum? In 1971 his work Peinture-Sculpture was removed from the Guggenheim International Exhibition. His new creation is called The Eye of the Storm, a place from which the artist seems to relish working. Curator Susan Cross gives CANAPE an overview of this important French artist's contributions to how we think about culture.

Happily Ever After
“Nobody does adultery in movies with more style and zest than the French, especially when the mode is frivolous.” So says the New York Times. Fans of comic classics like Cousin, Cousine and Pardon Mon Affaire will agree. Yvan Attal's new film Happily Ever After helps adultery French style enter the 21st century as memorable farce. When a bored car dealer meets a sexy masseuse you know the path is straight to the bedroom. It's the trip home that's the killer. Writer and director Attal, who also plays the car dealer, talks to CANAPE about those funny French people.

A Tout de Suite
Some stories from the movies are almost mythical in their simplicity. Girl meets boy. He is a bad boy. Things go wrong. They hit the road. Godard's Breathless and Malick's Badlands are the canonical examples. Veteran French director Benoit Jacquot and rising young French star Isild Le Besco tell the tale again in A Tout De Suite. Of course, they add difference. Set in the 1970s, the film is also a tribute to the style of that decade. We're on a new road. Benoit Jacquot and Isild Le Besco tell CANAPE something about their own artistic journey in making the film.

Guest List

Keren Ann Parisian Singer

Yvan Attal

Daniel Buren

Susan Cross Curator

Benoit Jacquot Film Director

Agnès Jaoui Director

Isild Le Besco Film Director

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