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This edition: June 2005 edition

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Original tape date: June 23, 2005.

1/ Lycee Francais de New York
Globalization changes education. Among other things, it makes clear the advantages of speaking more than one language. Founded in 1935, the Lycee Francais de New York has been offering a bilingual education for over half a century. Its multinational student body is drawn from over fifty countries and includes increasing numbers of forward looking Americans. Graduates can be fully prepared for university entrance in the United States, France, or elsewhere in the English and French speaking worlds. Chair of the Board of Trustees Elsa Berry takes CANAPE on a tour of the schoolís noble traditions and its new facilities.

2/ March of the Penguins
What makes a happy family? To explore the eternal question French filmmaker Luc Jacquet and his team drop in on the penguins of Antarctica. As it turns out, these short little tuxedo clad creatures show that life is both always the same and always different in the most distant exurb, this time the South Pole. Spouses may be loyal but have trouble communicating sometimes. The kids need to be fed. And family roadtrips can be a struggle. For this visually stunning work March of the Penguins, the tale is ably told by Morgan Freeman. Director Jacquet chats with CANAPE about life down there.

3/ The Yale Anthology of Twentieth Century French Poetry
A century produces quite a bit of poetry. Who says what is good and what is not? Who helps countries understand poetry in other languages? Recently, distinguished editor and translator Professor Mary Ann Caws has offered to the English speaking world a new vision of French poetry of the twentieth century. It is a view that includes more forms, more voices, and more places that speak the French language. A woman with a true passion for poetry, she shares with CANAPE her enthusiasm and her perspective about what an editor must do to collect the memory of one hundred years of writing.

4/ 5 X 2
If only one could turn the clock back, all would be well, all could be corrected. Itís a nice wish, but watch out what you wish for. Francois Ozonís new film 5 X 2 takes a couple from first encounter to divorce but in reverse order. We meet Gilles and Marion in a lawyerís office and leave them when they meet on vacation in Sardinia. We see only five scenes of their life together but know much more from what is implied about the absent chapters of their marital life. Director Ozon, well known to American audiences for Under the Sand and The Swimming Pool, talks straight to CANAPE about his non-linear story.

5/ Chanel
Chanel. Two syllables and nothing more. But they conjure an entire world of elegance, almost a century of fashion. It all began in the hands of Gabriel ìCocoî Chanel who oversaw the House of Chanel until her death in 1971. A true Modernist of fashion, she ìnot only established the canon of modern dress,î as one critic points out, ìbut also determined a typology of clothing styles.î She established such standards as evening pajamas, the chemise dress, and two-piece suits as staples of the well balanced wardrobe. Associate Curator Andrew Bolton talks to CANAPE about the Chanel mega-exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum.

Guest List

Elsa Berry Chair of the Board of Trustees, Lycee Francais de New York

Andrew Bolton Associate Curator , Metropolitan Museum

Mary Ann Caws Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature, English and French, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Morgan Freeman Actor

Luc Jacquet Filmmaker

François Ozon Film Director

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