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This edition: August 2005 edition

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Original tape date: August 18, 2005.

1/ Montreal Jazz Festival
Salt and pepper. Coffee and donuts. Montreal and jazz. Some combinations just seem natural. Montreal, North America's largest French speaking city which always welcomes its English speaking neighbors, has been at the cutting edge of music programming for over a quarter century. They define jazz in the broadest possible terms offering sounds that range from late night avant garde to kid friendly. CANAPE visits this annual celebration of all that is music and all that is hospitable Quebec.

2/ Christo et Jeanne Claude
Making the stone “stoney.” That's what one critic calls the function of art: refreshing what we see, hear, or touch everyday and giving it back to us as something new. Recently, thanks to artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, New Yorkers and countless visitors had a marvelous chance to experience a new Central Park. Their project The Gates literally created miles and miles of charming visions of a place once best known for mugging. CANAPE offers a retrospective of this enchanted event from February 2005. Join us for a stroll.

3/ Agnes Varda febr u 2005
An image that lasts longer than five seconds is rare in today's mall movies. It's almost as if there were no confidence in the image. Quantity, not quality, makes right. Luckily, the great French filmmaker Agnes Varda has always disagreed. She began as a photographer, made her mark as a feature filmmaker, and now leads the digital revolution in documentary. Her new film Cinevardaphoto offers a trilogy of short films drawn from three periods spanning over forty years. The godmother of the French New Wave, as some people call her, visits with CANAPÉ.

4/ Lycee Francais de New York
Globalization changes education. Among other things, it makes clear the advantages of speaking more than one language. Founded in 1935, the Lycee Francais de New York has been offering a bilingual education for over half a century. Its multinational student body is drawn from over fifty countries and includes increasing numbers of forward looking Americans. Graduates can be fully prepared for university entrance in the United States, France, or elsewhere in the English and French speaking worlds. Chair of the Board of Trustees Elsa Berry takes CANAPE on a tour of the schoolís noble traditions and its new facilities.

5/ Serge Bromberg
Film Collector
In a world of dvds, computers, imax screens, and cellphones that do everything but serve lunch, it can be hard to reimagine the spell cast by the early cinema. What could have been so special about that stuff?
One man knows and shares his enthusiam, knowledge and just plain showmanship with the doubters.
He's Serge Bromberg, a Frenchman who's been collecting, restoring and showing early cinema to amazed audiences most of his adult life. Canape chats with Serge.

Guest List

Elsa Berry Chair of the Board of Trustees, Lycee Francais de New York

Serge Bromberg Film Collector

Christo Claude Artist

Jeanne Claude Artist

Caroline Johnson Programmer

Pat Metheny Musician

Agnes Varda Film Director

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