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This edition: September 2005 edition

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Original tape date: September 22, 2005.

1/ Babar
Once upon a time, a French mother told her children a story about a little orphaned elephant who became king of the forest. Her husband, who was an artist, made a picture book of the tale. Eventually, when one of the children grew up, he started writing and illustrating the books. The little elephant, of course, is Babar, a character beloved by generations of children in France and around the world. In his latest adventure Babar takes his readers on a world tour. CANAPE talks to the child grown into author Laurent de Brunhoff.

2/ Cote d'Azur
A family on vacation can be a dangerous thing. Just ask any comedian. Better yet, ask a couple of French farceurs. The setting: the Riviera. The cast: mere, pere, and two teenagers. The problem: a vacation with far too much time to think about sex. The outcome: a sweet aperitif of a movie toasting the forgivable sins of a not quite dysfunctional clan. Co-directors Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau talk with CANAPE about the comedy in their characters.

3/ David Murray
The word creole means many things to many people. For some, it's a cuisine; for others, it's a language; for still others, it's a kind of political identity. For David Murray, the innovative American jazz musician and composer now living in Paris, it's a musical project. It's a way of exploring the rich brew of music created on both sides of the Atlantic by peoples of African descent. On tour in the USA, maestro Murray takes a break to chat with CANAPE about the rhythms that cross oceans.

4/ Games of Love and Chance
Winner of numerous international prizes and four Cesar Awards in France in 2005, Games of Love and Chance throws two worlds, divided by centuries, into conflict. In the decaying housing projects that ring Paris - the so-called banlieue - high school students pass the time cursing each other. What would happen if these foul mouths entered the mannered world of classical French drama? What if the language of the street had to conform to the rituals of the salon? Director Abdellatif Kechiche shares with CANAPE his ideas about classical art in the age of hip hop.

5/ Bajazet
Jean Racine's tragic drama Bajazet set in Turkey was first staged in France in 1672. More than three centuries later, in 2005, it premiered in New York at the Graduate Center of the City University. However, this was no modern production. To the contrary, the piece was staged precisely to re-create and preserve the original style of performance. To the contemporary theater goer it's a manner of acting as far from American naturalism as Brooklyn is from Versailles. Director Desmond Hosford explains the difference to CANAPE.

Guest List

Angele Branca Associate Director/Actress

Laurent de Brunhoff Author

Oliver Ducastel Film Director

Desmand Hosford Director/Actor

Abdellatif Kechiche Film Director

Jacques Martineau Film Director

David Murray Musician

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