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This edition: December 2005 edition

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Original tape date: December 22, 2005.

1/ Lokua Kanza
Some musicians make music beyond frontiers. Congolese by birth and resident in France since 1984. Lokua Kanza plays music that goes beyond the frontiers of those two countries. He sings of the many immigrants who cross borders. His art deserves the title world music because he sings about what the world is today. It should be no surprise then that he was invited to the important globalFEST 2005 in New York. The cosmopolitan troubadour shares his thoughts with CANAPE about music in the globalized 21st century.

2/ Michelin Guide
For many serious foodies, the Michelin Guides have the status of sacred texts. The books lead followers to worship in the cathedrals of one to four star restaurants. The ratings of French restaurants are awaited every year with the attention devoted to the unveiling of a new saint. But until fall 2005 the Michelin bible included no book of New York City. Now worshippers of food may rejoice in the coming of Michelin to La Grosse Pomme. Jean Luc Naret, director of the Michelin Guides. chows down with CANAPE.

3/ Vincent Van Gogh
There are many Van Goghs. There is the man with one ear. There is the posthumous success whose works sell for tens of millions of dollars. There is the painter whose bold uses of color and texture changed the idea of what a canvass can look like. The Metropolitan Museum now adds another Van Gogh to the cast of characters. CANAPE takes a peak at his drawings.

4/ Hilda
Not yet forty years old, author Marie NDiaye is best known as one of France's most interesting novelists. In 2001 her novel Rosie Carpe won the prestigious Femina literary prize. Her storytelling also includes important theatrical work. Indeed, she is one of only two women admitted to the Comedie Francaise. Whatever the medium, her interest remains constant in how relations are struggles for power on an uneven playing field. A critic for Le Figaro calls her drama Hilda “a play of mirrors between masters and servants.” CANAPE visits with the dramatist as she visits New York for an English language production of Hilda.

5/ When the Sea Rises
In the 1980s actress Yolande Moreau plied her trade as a comic performer by driving from town to town along the French-Belgian border. It's a long, long way from the glitter of the Champs d'Elysees. But it's a world that made a permanent impression. As a film director she now she returns to the subject in When the Sea Rises. One critic calls it “ an irrepressibly eccentric, thoughtful, and infectiously whimsical comedy.” CANAPE listens to what Madame Moreau herself says.

6/ Peter Mayle
Many people dream of moving to Provence. Many fewer do it. Only Peter Mayle has done it and turned it into a cottage industry of popular books that share his loves and adventures with those not living in southern France. Master baker Gerard Auzet first appears in Mayle's A Year in Provence. The book made him a star. Now he and Mayle return with Confessions of a French Baker, a volume that combines recipes with observations about la vie provencale. The English half of the pair talks with CANAPE.

Guest List

Lokua Kanza Musician

Peter Mayle

Yolande Moreau Actress

Jean Luc Naret Director, The Michelin Guides

Marie NDiaye Author

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