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This edition: January 2006

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Original tape date: January 19, 2006.

1/ Mireille Guiliano
How do they do it? There they are strolling a Parisian street, relaxing in a bikini on a Riviera beach, or up on the screen in a French film. They are the slender French women. Here to solve the mystery is internationally bestselling author Mirielle Guiliano. Her title states the case: French Women Don't Get Fat. Her book explains why. An accomplished international business woman as well as writer, she tells Canape about the French way to health.

2/ Serge Renko
When the French New Wave hit high tide the 1960s Eric Rohmer was already in his 40s. Now in his mid-80s and still very much active, he can still claim to be sailing to the horizon of narrative cinema. His latest feature film Triple Agent takes a look at the murky politics and espionage that shaped the 1930s in France. Lead actor Serge Renko talks with Canape about the film and the youthful director.

3/ Clouet to Seurat at the Metropolitan Museum
France, Great Britain and The United States have much in common. One shared trait is a great institutional tradition of collecting and displaying art. An exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum illustrates the point. The British Museum has sent on loan selections from its world class collection of French drawing. Clouet to Seurant offers masterpieces from the Renaissance to Post-Impressiomnism that include Jean Clouet, Claude Lorrain, Antoine Watteau, Edgar Degas, and Georges Seurat, among others. Curator Perrin Stein gives Canape an overview.

4/ Ken Van Sickle
Ken Van Sickle arrived in Paris in 1955 on the G.I. Bill after service in Korea. He had missed the era of Hemingway, Baker, and Stravinsky but found his own space in the infinitely photographic City of Light. Returning to the USA, he developed a rich international career as a cinematographer as well as photographer. The fifty years since his Parisian sojourn are on display in an exhibit Paris 1955 / New York 2005 at the Photographic Gallery in New York. Canape listens to what he says about looking.

5/Claire Denis
A new film by Claire Denis always raises the question “where will she go now?” It's not just that she's as likely to film in Africa as on the Champs d'Elysees. It's that she takes different directions with her scripts and elliptical style. In The Intruder, she explores the consciousness of a man with a heart transplant as he searches the South Seas for a lost son. Canape takes a look at a French original.

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