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This edition: April 2006

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Original tape date: April 8, 2006.

1/ “Clean” by Olivier Assayas
Most movies about rock 'n roll follow some well “clichéd” paths. It's up the mountain of ephemeral success and then down the chute of self destruction. But what happens afterwards to the survivors? That's the question at the heart of Olivier Assayas' acclaimed film Clean. Maggie Cheung won Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival for her portrayal of a rocker's widow trying to pull her life back together and regain custody of her child. Director Assayas talks to CANAPE about the challenges of telling a story through the subtlety of an actress' performance.

2/ Daara J
Rap has traveled far and wide from its origins in the South Bronx. So the official story goes. To be sure, fans around the world are plugged into African-American grooves. From Tokyo to Rio it's all part of a global scene. But where did those grooves truly come from? Senegalese rappers Daara J believe that they are part of a centuries old dialog with Africa that began with the Atlantic slave trade. Hence the title of their hit release Boomrang, the story of styles that travel across the sea only to return for re-shaping to the place of birth. The multilingual group raps with CANAPE.

3/ “Nathalie” by Anne Fontaine
If you ever wondered, missing your surprise birthday party because you're with your mistress is a bad idea. In the new film Nathalie it sends a message to the wife, played by the French star Fanny Ardant, that she needs to find out what makes her husband, played by another French super-nova Gerard Depardieu, tick. She hires a prostitute, played by sexy etoile francaise Emmanuelle Beart, to investigate. Director Anne Fontaine talks with CANAPE about the peculiar geometry created by this surprising romantic triangle.

4/ The Essence of Style
It seems no one has ever accused the French of lacking in style. But “ever” is a longtime. The new book The Essence of Style: How the French Invented High Fashion, Fine Food, Chic Cafes, Style, Sophistication, and Glamour! locates the start of it all during the reign of Louis the 14th, the handsome and charismatic Sun King. What began in the 17th century in France continues to influence the way elegance and luxury are defined - and dreamed about - today. Trustee Professor of French at the University of Pennsylvania, author Joan DeJean offers CANAPE a glimpse of sophistication in the making.

5/ Yeye
50 few years ago some avant-garde composers in Paris started playing with electronic sounds. Their laboratory was decidedly not interested in dancing. But it's from their experiments mixed with the pop sensibilities of the 60s and 70s that the global music phenomenon of electronica emerges. It - decidedly-is for dancing. CANAPE takes to the floor with the British-French group Ye Ye.

6/ Russian Dolls by Cedric Klapisch
A few years ago director/writer Cedric Klapisch caught the imagination of a generation with his ensemble film L'Auberge Espanole which recounted the comic ups and downs of some graduate students sharing a big apartment in Barcelona. It gave a crisp snapshot of a life in one's mid-20s with its last hurrah of adolescence and its first cry of adulthood. Now Klapisch is back with another snapshot. The place is Russia, and the time for the characters is five years later as they face the frontier of thirty. The director of Russian Dolls chats with CANAPE about the growing pains of his characters.

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Olivier Assayas Film Director

Joan DeJean Author

Anne Fontaine Film Director

Cédric Klapisch Film Director

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