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This edition: June 2006

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Original tape date: June 3, 2006.

1/ “Gabrielle” by Patrice Chéreau
Joseph Conrad is one of those great authors who has inspired films that have been less than inspiring. That changes in the hands of director Patrice Chéreau and French actors Isabelle Huppert and Pascal Greggory. Winner of multiple Cesar Awards in France, the film Gabrielle is taken from a short story that tells of an intricate battle between a conceited husband and a wandering wife. Conrad's psychological subtlety gets its due and more. Filmmaker Chéreau talks about his task with CANAPE.

2/ Princess Lover
She's a hit in Paris, Martinique, and the Congo. She's Princess Lover, a member of a new generation of singers and musicians from the French Antilles who mix the local and the global. To some she's a new star in the style of zouk. To others, she's a new talent in the realm of dancehall. To her worldwide fans, she's more. CANAPE listens to Princess Lover.

3/ La Bonne Cuisine de Madame E. Saint-Ange
The French call their comfort food la cuisne de grandmere -grandma's cooking. And while there is something charming and nostalgic about that phrase, there's also more than a bit of truth in it. In 1927 - that is, in greatgrandma's day - Madame E. Saint-Ange published La Bonne Cuisine, a book that became the bible of French household cooking. Julia Child loved it and learned from it. Now it appears almost seventy years later in English translation. Writer Paul Aratow, who translated it, chats with CANAPE about the book's enduring value and influence.

4/ Cannes Film Festival
Perhaps only the Academy Awards outrank the Cannes Film Festival in worldwide press attention. But there is a big difference. In Cannes the Hollywood movies are the foreign films. Each May filmmakers, critics, producers, journalists, and fans from around the world flock to the French Riviera for an international cinematic feast. CANAPE joined the flock this year and gives a peak of things to come.

5/ Corneille
A moving account of his personal experience in the Rwandan genocide, “Parce qu'on vient de loin” is the debut album of Corneille. The singer, who recently became a Canadian citizen, attracts a wide following of fans thanks to his vocal talent and personal charisma. Here's a sample of it.

6/ “Heading South” by Laurent Cantet
Haiti has been a world apart since its revolution over two hundred years ago. That makes it a destination where many have gone, for better and for worse, to escape the worlds from which they come. But fantasizing the other has its dangers as the new film Heading South, directed by Laurent Cantet and based on a novel by Dany Laferrière, explores with dramatic precision. Set in the 1970s, when Haiti was a hotspot for sexual tourism, the film offers two women competing for the attentions of a young Haitian gigolo. Director Cantet talks with CANAPE about a story that is about more than the sex its characters seek.

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