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This edition: August 2006

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Original tape date: August 24, 2006.

1/ Cartoons
Cartoons have never been just for kids. The French have always known this. They can be called children's books or graphic novels or something else. In any case, they render rich artistic pleasures mixing words and images. Canape takes a look at something old - Babar - and something new - The Rabbi's Cat. Both give us something true.

2/ African World Music Live : Afrika/New Yorka
Has it got a beat? That used to be the question about American pop tunes. How many beats does it have? And why are they so infectious? Those are the better questions for the richesse of African music recently on tour in the USA.

3/ Cannes Film Festival
Perhaps only the Academy Awards outrank the Cannes Film Festival in worldwide press attention. But there is a big difference. In Cannes the Hollywood movies are the foreign films. Each May filmmakers, critics, producers, journalists, and fans from around the world flock to the French Riviera for an international cinematic feast. CANAPE joined the flock this year and gives a peak of things to come.

4/ Martinique
You might say that not all of France is in France. The tropical island of Martinique is as much a part of France as Hawaii is a part of the USA. But it sits on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea. Small and French, it's also uniquely diverse and a part of the Americas. Canape visits two of its artistic leaders, dancer La Sosso and visual artist Habdapha.

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