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This edition: February 2007

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Original tape date: February 15, 2007.

1/ “Days of Glory” by Rachid Bouchareb
American movies about World War II are famous for their formulaic inclusiveness. The patrol has a mechanic from Brooklyn, a farmhand from Nebraska, a teacher from Seattle, and so on. Traditionally, French films have been a bit more homogeneous. That changes definitively with Days of Glory, the new film by Rachid Bouchareb. Winner of the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for its entire ensemble, it tells the story of four North African soldiers who chose to fight for France. Canapé goes on patrol with the winners.

2/ “Fernandel The Frenchman” by Phillippe Halsman
The November 9, 1959 cover of Life magazine features a picture of Marilyn Monroe caught in mid-air as she jumps. The photographer was Latvian born Philipe Halsman, whose other jumping subjects include Richard Nixon and the Duke & Duchess of Windsor. Halsman specialized in celebrity portraits with unusual features. One of his favorite subjects was the French comic Fernandel, whose memorable face could jump in any direction. Halsman's daughter Irene talks with Canapé about the new book of Fernandel photos simply titled The Frenchman.

3/ “Hannibal Rising” with Gaspard Ulliel
It's an old observation that some people love reading the Bible because the Devil is such a compelling villain, much more interesting than the hero God. Among fictional villains, cannibalistic Hannibal Lector, who first appeared on the screen in Manhunter but was made famous by The Silence of the Lambs, continues to fascinate as a perfectly modern devil. His latest appearance is as a young man in Hannibal Rising. Canapé catches the young French actor Gaspard Ulliel, whom international audiences discovered in A Very Long Engagement, for a chat about his leading role as the young flesh eater.

4/ agnès b.
When the name Agnès meets the letter B the result is a fashion label known around the world for defining a special style of postmodern casual. Everything in the boutique has the designer's special touch. But where does that touch come from? It's simple. agnès b. never lets herself be isolated from the other arts. She knows artists of all ages and media but makes a special effort to look for rising talents. A lifelong movie fan, she also produces auteur works for filmmakers she admires. Canapé talks to agnès b. on a recent trip to New York, one of her favorite cities.

5/ “Breaking and Entering” with Juliette Binoche
In France, she's simply known as Binoche. For global moviegoers she's the Academy Award winning actress from The English Patient as well as the star of Blue and Chocolat. In her new film Breaking and Entering, written and directed by Anthony Minghella, Juliette Binoche takes on another nationality. She plays a Bosnian refugee living in a rundown housing complex in today's sprawling, ever changing London. The multiple award winner talks to Canapé about her latest challenge.

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